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A role-play group for those who have had enough of the hordes of sexual, fetish, or violent role-plays. While the group may cater to each of these categories separately as well as the mild ones that fall under none of the above we hope to keep them just that, separate. You shouldn't need to sift through hundreds of role-plays just to find even one you like so lets fix this problem once and for all!
Founded 5 Months ago
Jan 7, 2017


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32 Members
50 Watchers
541 Pageviews
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Rules and Catagories

I know you just want to submit all of your stuff but just take a minute to go over some basics first. Different categories are there for a reason.
  • NSFW Roleplays will contain NSFW stuff in unfiltered quality. This includes ALL uncensored sex/smut, intense violence unsuitable for minors, or other themes of that nature.
  • Smut Roleplays will contain censored sex/smut based roleplays. Violent Roleplays will contain blood and gore in non excessive detail.
  • Fetish Roleplays will be mainly fetish related.
  • 13 Up Roleplays will contain any mix of the three.
  • Clean Roleplays will be just that, clean roleplays with no fetishes, smut, or intense violence of any kind.
  • Low Detail Roleplays are ANY roleplay except NSFW Roleplays that requires a minimum of less than 10 words per reply.
  • If for some reason, none of the above categories match your RP, you can attempt to submit it to the None Of The Above folder.

Anyways, other basic rules still are in effect but I trust human decency enough to handle that. Anyways, thanks for reading and have fun!

Although this group is slow to grow and relatively small, I've watched it slowly grow. Depending on a few factors, I may try a few new things such as a live chat and a big [surprise]. I'm canceling the mass RP however in attempt for something a bit... different. It'll probably be out before the end of they day.  ALSO PLEASE WE NEED STAFF!

While this group is growing (albeit slowly) it still doesn't have any staff. Just send Vaporeonsflame a note and the rest will be explained then.

(P.S. Affiliates widget is broken.)
In order to keep the group active and interesting I will be occasionally hosting major events that involve the entire group. One of those events and one that will come up often is multi-person RPs. I've got some possible ideas but I just want to know what you guys would be interested in. Comment below what subjects you would like the most. If you like somebody else's idea just got a comment saying +1 on it. It's that simple.
So my guess is if your reading this it's your first time here. Welcome and thank you for checking out Roleplay-Rescue, a place where you can find comfort knowing that you can always find just the right roleplay for any occasion... If I can even get it off the ground that is. Currently this place is simply a dream that will likely never grow but I have to try. No matter how many roleplay groups I've looked at, things are always filed wrong and I have to sort through piles of trash to get anything good. That is where Roleplay-Rescue steps in. All roleplay requests will be scanned and either accepted into the proper folder or denied and pushed in the right direction. It'll be hard trying to strike the perfect balance between friendly and logical however so please read the rules on the home page and let me know what can be done to improve the group. In the meantime, welcome, and please enjoy your time here at Roleplay-Rescue. Edit: Hey look! I made a horrendous little icon! I'll do something better later.

UPDATE- 1.01

Already this group has gone beyond anything I've ever done before. My dream is becoming a reality because of you, the members of this group! I feel like there is potential for many fun activities available to the group including Mass RPs with more than one member, I'll be getting back to you on that later by the way. Anyways, if there's anything you would like to see done in the group just let me know. We also still need staff, the group is growing faster than I can handle it I need more people to help me organize community events and answer questions on the homepage. Remember just send Vaporeonsflame a note to apply.
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AnonymousRainboom Featured By Owner May 17, 2017
Hi there, I have a submission I'd like to put in but I don't know where to put it. Because my RP gives both the option to do it clean or to do a more mature version in the same post, I don't know how you'd class it.
Vaporeonsflame Featured By Owner May 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eyy! Thanks for asking!
Thanks for asking, since it provides an appropriate option, you may post it under the 13+ category however if the mature RP's aren't in notes or offpage, it goes in the 18+. 
AWPlays Featured By Owner May 19, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hello AnonymousRainboom,

There is a folder called None of the Above. I think the best spot to submit an RP like that would be there. However I would still contact and show Vaporeonsflame as he should know where. For now though, a spot could be None of the Above.

Thank you for your interest,
SiamesePhoenix Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Student General Artist
[MLP RP] Sunset Shimmer back to Equestria RP Partner Wanted

Please note me if you're interested! 
CringeBanana Featured By Owner Edited Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
idk if i want to join or not cuz i normally dont do rps cuz i've seen too many cringy ones
Vaporeonsflame Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fair enough :P
CringeBanana Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes2TF Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017
Thanks for the invite... I'm not entirely sure where I should put the two prompts I've posted so far. My first guess would be in 13 up, but may you please confirm that? Thanks
Vaporeonsflame Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
13+ works!
Yes2TF Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017
Ok. Do you want me to submit both of them to the group? The slots are nearly filled on both, so in my opinion it seems kind of useless. But when I post more I will certainly add them to this group...
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